The CDs!

Here’s the scoop on all of Christopher’s released CDs! (Three of his recent albums—The Basement Tapes, Wild Ideas and The Heart Chronicles—are not yet available on CD, due to the drop in popularity of the CD format.) All tracks from all seven of Christopher’s albums should be easily found online for downloading or streaming, and many can be downloaded from this website for free.

If you’d like to own a physical CD, with the original packaging and liner notes, please send us a note (see contact page on this website). For comparison, ordering a Christopher Kent CD from Amazon gets you a copy of the tracks burned onto a CD. No real packaging, no liner notes, and just a burned copy, not a pressed CD!









EARTHSONGS, Christopher’s fourth album is a collection of songs about the experience of living on our planet, including songs about being in wonderful places (The First Day of Summer, Halcyon Day, Sweet Dream Bay, The Meaning of Grace), philosophical songs about our place in the universe (Garden in the Sky, The Spires of Callisto, What if the Earth Had Rights?) and several songs about how we relate to each other and the planet — plus a bonus track: At the Insect Bite Cafe, a witty fan favorite!  Written, arranged and produced by Christopher.

The Tracks:

• Garden in the Sky
• The First Day of Summer
• Halcyon Day
• The Spires of Callisto
• Roses on the Wind
• Sweet Dream Bay
• On the 40th Parallel
• Heavy Weather
• Snow Moon
• The Meaning of Grace
• What If the Earth Had Rights?
• Different Eyes
• At the Insect Bite Cafe

Sample album highlights:

The First Day of Summer

Sweet Dream Bay

At the Insect Bite Cafe








PIECE OF THE PUZZLE, Christopher’s third album, is an uplifting collection of songs about hope for the future, featuring a number of his most popular songs, including Piece of the Puzzle, Your Age is None of Your Business and Children of the Sun. Written, arranged and produced by Christopher. Guaranteed to lift your spirits!

The Tracks:

• Piece of the Puzzle
• Desert Rain
• Your Age is None of Your Business
• We Will Meet Again
• Wind on the Water
• Part of It All
• Just Another Stranger (Going Home Again)
• Love Looks for You
• Questions
• Nothing Lasts Forever
• If I Could Give You Words
• Children of the Sun

Sample album highlights:

Piece of the Puzzle

Your Age is None of Your Business

Children of the Sun











DOORWAY, Christopher’s second album, was created in collaboration with award-winning producer Bill Kollar. Doorway was recorded and mixed in three of New York’s top studios. It features dazzling lead guitar work by Jay Azzolina (former member of legendary fusion band Spyro Gyra), and a soaring duet with Janice Kollar on “The Eagle.” Many of the songs are darker than those on the earlier album, resulting in a haunting and thought-provoking album.

The Tracks:

• Doorway
• What He Would Have Done
• When to Let Go
• Heart of This Land
• When I Died
• Hot Logic
• The Eagle
• Thinking of You Tonight
• Leaving Your Own Best Friend Behind
• Tall Grass Country

“Superb, bold and energizing.”  — Ron Wallace, AfterTouch Magazine

Sample album highlights:


The Eagle

Tall Grass Country











INTUITION is a joyful, uplifting, 12-song album that many fans still consider an all-time favorite. Produced and arranged by Christopher, Intuition features the twelve most popular of Christopher’s original songs (when the album was recorded!) Most of the basic tracks were recorded in his home studio in New York City. A number of top New York musicians appear on the album, including Maureen McElheron singing the harmony on fan favorite You Are the One.

The tracks:

• Intuition
• You Are the One
• Kinky
• You Could Believe (in Yourself)
• A Beautiful Pair
• Open Country
• To Know You One More Time
• Molecule Man
• What Do You Do (When Dreams are Gone)
• Doorway
• Portrait
• Scherahza

“Don’t let this classic album pass you by.” — Songwriter’s Monthly

Sample album highlights:


You Are the One

Molecule Man